Tea is my Therapy | Tea as a Medicine

Tea is my Therapy | Tea as a Medicine

Tea is my therapy…From day one, tea has had a soothing effect on me – clearly I and hubby came together to create the perfect, tea-loving storm. I wanted to share a little with you about how I integrate tea as a therapy in my daily life, both in my daily routines and also as soothing remedies.

How it makes me feel not only better physically but also mentally too! It makes me feel really great. And it’s simple! What makes tea so helpful and how you can brew your own daily blends to stay healthy?

I am a huge fan of tea. It helps me feel free and better. Most of us remember the first time we rode a bicycle. The instant when you looked back and grasped nobody was holding it and you were riding it. What an awesome feeling!!! A feeling of being free and independent!!!

There exist many memorable flashes like these, ones we want to recall over and over again. A soothing cup of tea helps you to recall the world of sweet childhood memories. A precious time when mom used to brew tea whenever I feel cold or have an upset stomach!!!

Daily Tea Therapy

For me, tea is soothing, relaxing and the ultimate stress reliever. Oh, I absolutely love tea! My love for tea is undeniable! Really enjoy drinking it! Are you into tea too?

I love to start my day with black tea. There is rarely a morning that goes by where I don’t have a cup of black tea. The caffeine in tea stimulates metabolism, providing improved energy levels to the body.

There is nothing quite like a freshly brewed pot of tea to get you going in the morning.
-Phyllis Logan

Then I have green tea around mid-morning. Drinking a cup or two of green tea daily is great for weight loss as it boosts the rate of metabolism. It does taste awesome It also protects the skin from sun damage. Agreed?

Not having enough sleep? Brew yourself a perfect cup of chamomile tea and see the magic. Before bed, I have a soothing cup of chamomile tea. Brew it well to get all the medicinal benefits.

From my cupboard that is overloaded with teas, I will often experiment with adding in others, but these daily ones are my always and if I miss them, I can usually tell from my mood!

 Wake Up Call (Black Tea)

  • Stimulates Metabolism

Mid-Morning (Green Tea)

  • Weight Loss

Afternoon (Black Tea)

  • Energy & Focus

Before Bed (Chamomile Tea)

  • Calming & Relaxing

Soothing Remedies

Other than daily, I’m really into teas when I’m not feeling well… I love ginger tea as it helps in digestion. Moreover, adding fresh lemon juice and honey helps to soothe a sore throat. ????

Chamomile is my favorite as it soothes the upset stomach and reduces inflammation. Peppermint tea helps to improve digestion and stomach irritation due to its methanol content.  I know there are lots of other soothing teas but these are just the ones I use personally!

Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea! How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.
-Sydney Smith

Cold/Flu (Ginger Tea)

  • Boosts Immune system

Sore Throat (Lemon & Honey Tea)

  • Relieves Sore throat

Aches and Pain (Rooibos Tea)

  • Settles Tummy

Bloating (Peppermint Tea)

  • Helps with digestion

Tea as medicine:

GINGER – Ginger tea is great for fighting colds and flu, motion sickness or an upset stomach, cramps, indigestion. It also greatly increases circulation which helps with sore muscles. This works when applied topically also.

CHAMOMILE – Its antioxidant property can help to boost your immune system. The chamomile tea helps to prevent sleeping disorders, relaxes your muscles, reduces anxiety and improves symptoms of back pain.

PEPPERMINT – Peppermint tea is wonderful for nausea, diarrhea, headaches, and menstrual cramps. It helps to relieve headaches and migraine. Peppermint may fight against bacterial infections. It is also high in B vitamins so it is stimulating and improves concentration.

I’d love to hear if you have any teas that you’re into and if you feel that tea can be therapy! Share your wonderful tea therapies with us.