How to Get Rid of Alcohol by Tea

How to Get Rid of Alcohol by Tea

Do you feel addicted to alcohol? Do you wish to get rid of alcohol? Have you tried therapy sessions, motivational lectures, and even medication, but nothing turned out fruitful? Don’t worry now because tea brings the solution to your problem. Yes, you read that, right! Tea can help get rid of alcohol. You might be thinking: “How could tea help get rid of alcohol?” To answer the question, consider the following point.

Drink Tea to Get Rid of Alcohol

Why we get addicted to alcohol? The most common reason to use alcohol is probably to get rid of stress and relax your nerves. It is often seen that the alcohol drinkers drink more often when they feel stressed out or under pressure of some difficult situation.

But you don’t need to stick to alcohol for relieving the stress. Tea can provide a better solution for anxiety. The relieving effects of tea for pressure are longer lasting than alcohol. Tea offers quick relief to the stress and feeling down. It assists in relaxing the nerves and thus helps the person to feel rid of the stressed state.

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Tea as Detox for Alcoholics

Tea could also act as a detox for the withdrawal symptoms that may arise in alcoholics. One of the reasons why alcohol drinkers are not able to get rid of alcohol is that the symptoms of withdrawal generate a strong urge to drink.

This urge to drink alcohol then results in the relapse to drinking again. Tea presents a perfect solution for dealing with this situation as it could detox the effects of alcohol and restore the body’s metabolism.

The best detoxing tea is green tea. But be very careful about not drinking tea after a dose of alcohol as it would destroy your kidneys. So, if you have a heavy dose of alcohol, drink a lot of water after it to detox the effects of alcohol.

Tea is Cheaper

Another advantage of tea over alcohol is that tea is a lot cheaper than alcohol. So, I don’t think it would be advantageous to spend money on a drink that is expensive as well as hazardous. It rather would be foolishness to leave a cheaper (yet more effective!) beverage for the one which is costly. Tea thus forms the best option to replace alcohol.

Get rid of Alcohol by Tea-A Real Energy Booster

Alcoholics enjoy drinking alcohol because it boosts up the energy and provides a sense of getting high. Alcohol drinkers thus feel it hard to leave the miraculous drink, which could boost the energy and mood state in lesser time (within a few minutes at times!). Tea could assist in this case too. It provides heightened feelings and boosts up one’s energy without inducing the sense of losing control or becoming irrational.

Tea is Healthier

Tea is healthier than alcohol. Alcohol could harm the kidneys, lungs, and heart. Tea, however, is the source of improving cognitive ability, bring metabolism at an average level, and soothing the nerves.

So, next time you feel a problem in quitting alcohol drinking or any of your loved ones observes a difficulty in getting rid of alcohol, you know exactly what to do. Just switch to tea instead of alcohol as it is a stress reliever, detoxifying, cheaper, energy booster, and healthier.

So, Kick out the bottle of alcohol and hold on tightly to tea, a real savior!