7 Common Misconceptions About Tea

7 Common Misconceptions About Tea

Tea…loved in its variously existing forms and all of the different kinds and colors; among all rich-poor, white-black, western-eastern equally without any discrimination. Besides the love own by tea, some nasty misconceptions are trying to spoil the innocence of it. Through this article, I would like to mention some of these misconceptions; fighting the case of innocent tea and the let the court (of people!!) make the right verdict.

Misconceptions About Innocent Tea

Tea Turns the Skin Darker

It is one of the grandma myths existing in society. The antioxidants present in tea get the blame for turning the skin tone darker. The truth, however, is that excessive tea results into dehydration, which makes skin dry that is confused with the darkening of skin tone and all of the blame credited to tea.

Caffeinated Tea is Bad

Caffeine is associated with energy-boosting and thus, the primary composite of many synthetic or soft drinks. A myth says that caffeinated tea is terrible; but in reality, it isn’t, and the caffeine in the tea varies from that of the coffee which is highly addictive one and might lead to increased heart rate and insomnia. The caffeinated beverage is rather friendly in nature; it helps to stay awake for good but is less addictive.

Tea is Hot Natured

It has heard that the tea is hot by nature and one should avoid it during summer. It is however only a half (preferably quarter!!) side of the coin. The kind of tea is dependent upon how a person makes it and which type of tea it is. Green tea is cold-natured, and red tea is comparatively warm.

Only Organic Tea is Best

Another misconception is that only organic type of tea is best for health and other tea types can impose specific harms. But the reality is the organic tea also has some traces of certain chemical elements in it.

Green Tea is Bitter

What? It is bitter, and you have tasted it on your own? Yeah, I too have found it so yet it is a misconception, and it is the steeping for long that makes green tea bitter. Green tea, in reality, is a very delicate type of tea with a cherishing taste and the over steeping change its fantastic flavor to the bitter one.

misconceptions about green tea

Tea Should Steep for 3-5 Minutes

Among other misconceptions regarding tea, another one is that you should steep the tea for 3-5 minutes. The truth, however, is that different types of tea have different steeping time and even a single kind of tea could have different steeping time as per the flavor demanded of it. There is no hard and fast rule, thus about time to steep.

Tea as a Cause of Iron Deficiency

Studies indicate that if a person drinks excessive tea with a meal, it leads to about a 50% decrease in the absorption rate of iron. So, what you and I need to avoid is not the tree because of the fear of iron deficiency, but the use of excessive tea with meals.

So that’s all, my lord!! I have mentioned the main misconceptions (crimes!!) for which the tea is found the culprit of now the decision is all of the court (people off course…the people jury!). All of us have some drawbacks, some loopholes. Tea is not perfect too! It is harmful only if the use exceeds, just the same as the excess of every other thing is terrible. I thus found tea, “Not Guilty.” Tea is a gift of nature which deserves to be loved as quoted by Sydney Smith, “Thank God for tea! …I am glad I wasn’t born before tea”.