How to Brew Herbal Tea | Step by Step

How to Brew Herbal Tea | Step by Step

Looking for a relaxing tea after an exhausting long day? Are you suffering from a headache cold or want to lose weight fast? Then, we have the perfect brew for you. Brewing herbal tea is the best thing you can do for yourself today. The question here is how to brew a perfect cup of herbal tea? Is it easy?

Herbal tisanes have been used by people for thousands of years for their medicinal, healing, and nurturing benefits. Whether it’s too strong, not strong enough, tastes bitter or doesn’t taste like much at all, there are few steps to follow when you’re brewing herbal tisanes. So, this blog will help you to brew herbal tea and get the best flavor possible to brighten up your day.


Who loves drinking herbal teas more than a person suffering from cold or nausea? These are also healthy for pregnant/new moms. Not only do they calm pregnancy-induced indigestion, but also naturally increase your milk supply, and more.

Herbal tea is a healthy beverage for kids and babies, too! For instance, peppermint can be very soothing for constipation in children, while lemon and ginger tea is excellent for helping keep immune systems strong in the middle of winter!

It is an excellent natural remedy that also helps to relieve stress and in turn, better sleep. Moreover, it also serves as a natural substitute for coffee. Are you ready to treat illness in a tasty way?

Besides, you can reap the benefits of herbal teas no matter how you drink them —hot on a cold winter morning, or refreshing iced tea in summers.

How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Herbal Tea

Let’s have a look at some essential tips to brew a nice cup of herbal tea. Let’s start brewing!!!

how to brew herbal tea

The first step is to boil the filtered water in a saucepan or kettle. Bring water to a rolling boil. It is recommended to heat at least 2-3 cups. Make sure you’re using fresh water every time to make a perfect brew!

The second step is to decide how you want to brew your tea. You then have three brewing options to squeeze benefits from every drop.

  1. Add the tea into your metal ball strainer (or similar), put it in your cup, and pour water over it. Now you might be wondering how much tea leaves required for a cup? You can add a teaspoon of loose leaves for each cup.
  2. However, if you are using tea bags, then add a tea bag into your cup and pour water over it.
  3. Another alternative is to add your favorite tea in the saucepan — either in a tea bag or loose leaf form — and swirl gently. Then strain your brew using a metal strainer.

How to Squeeze Benefits from Herbal Teas

The third step is to steep herbal tea. There is no hard and fast rule for steeping. Because steeping for 5-10 minutes won’t bring out the bitter taste, however, if you prefer a stronger tea, use extra tea leaves/bags instead of increasing the steeping time. A great tip is to cover a cup or pan while your tea is brewing.

The last step is adding add-ins to the tea. This step is optional, but if you love sweetened herbal tea, there is nothing wrong in it. You can add honey, sugar, sliced lemon, and mint. It will make the tea even more delicious and enjoyable.

So, here are the essential steps for brewing herbal tea. It’s relatively easy, convenient, and you don’t need much effort to brew the best-tasting tea. Therefore, follow the steps and enjoy your perfect cup of tea so far. In the meantime, check out blooming blog to find more about tea brewing, types of tea, and the healthiest teas.