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Buy Tea | All in One Beverage

It’s Sunday, I’ve got my shopping list ready and am feeling quite excited. Oh, I love shopping. I am going out with hubby to do some groceries. Of course, tea is on the top of the list. I always feel like there are a few things you love to keep in your kitchen.

I love to keep tea and honey in my pantry. From childhood memories of having a spoonful of honey in winters and tea as evening treats with home-baked cookies. Oh, childhood!!! I grew up to use tea as a home remedy for various illnesses because it makes everything so good. Agreed?


So we went shopping to buy a lot of stuff for the whole week. As my birthday is coming so, he also insisted me to buy some designer dresses for all of us. We spent quality time together. I love being with him.

Since I was tired enough, it was a great deal to have a cup of tea. Lying on the couch with hubby and chatting over little things. What an amazing feeling!!! These are the moments when you don’t need more. What do you think?

Though every day after we came home from job and dinner is done, we spent valuable time with our little one. Then after she slept, we dim the lights; pick out our favorite music or Netflix series and then chill with blooming lotus tea.

It’s our most favorite way to wind down after a long hectic day. I must say music and tea have been my best friends through most of my life situations. If you have a headache, nothing can be better than a cup of hot tea. If you are traveling for many hours and need to relax, is there anything more soothing than tea.

For me, tea is an excellent remedy for stress, headaches, and cough. As my parents are here for a week, so we planned something special for them too. We want to make their stay memorable. No doubt old age is one of the most confusing transitions in human life. A change that many of us handle incorrectly but something that has to be learned.

Love your parents, Love your partner and enjoy special moments. Life is precious; don’t waste it. Live it in your comfort zone and let others live it. Have fun!!!