A Cup of Tea…Way to Vent of Depression

A Cup of Tea…Way to Vent of Depression

I am unfortunate today…nothing is going right

Whatever I plan to do it fails

No matter how much I try I can’t get myself unstuck

I am not good at things anymore

You might have heard such voices from yourself; trying to haunt you, impending over something terrible. Sometimes such gloomy sounds win dragging you into the dark well of depression. However, at other times, you win fighting the negative and venting of the depressing sounds. It is okay to observe depression; we all do at some point in our lives. But it is certainly not okay to experience it often.

The increased rate of depression has physiological as well as psychological hazards. It might affect the person’s quality of living (Yang et al., 2015), thus creating hindrance in enjoying life. Also, the long-prevailing depressive situation could affect the respiratory system of the person (Fidika, Herle, & Goldbeck, 2014; Leander et al., 2014). This state could hinder the normal functioning of the respiratory system and might lead to asthma-like condition (Coogan et al., 2014).

A Cup of Tea as a Cure for Depression

According to the American Psychiatric Association, the rate of depression is 1 out of 6. This ratio demonstrates that the prevalence of depression is high. Thus, it is of significant importance to fight the haunting depression. For fighting the depression and becoming a conqueror, all of us need some support. This support comes both from within us and from outside.

The within from of energy come from our souls. The one from outside whereas comes from the support of people and things around us. Won’t it be a bonus if you get that inner and outside energy from the same thing? Something which is loved and pleased by you? Yes, I am talking about our very dear “TEA.”

Tea and Depression | Is There any Association?

Do you know a cup of tea can help you to vent of depression? A recent meta-analysis (Dong et al., 2015) of 11 studies that were carried out from the year 2005 to 2013 was conducted to find whether tea consumption decreases the risk of depression. The findings suggested that in comparison with individuals who have low consumption of tea, the one with high tea consumption are at lower risk of depression. The relationship existing is such that 3 cups of tea per day decreased the risk of depression by 37%.

Another study was conducted by Hintikka et al. (2005) to investigate the association of drinking tea with depression. A sample of general Finish population (n=2011) was taken to accomplish the purpose of the study. Results indicated that participants who report daily tea drinking are less depressed than those who don’t. Also, the risk of depression is low among the drinkers of tea.

The research thus indicated that a cup of tea daily could help to significantly reduce the level of depression and also decrease the possible risk of depression. Beyond the sip of tea, it’s also the process of steeping; its fumes and the pleasant smell that help to get relief from the stress you are going through! The fumes through the nostrils reach the corners of the head, opening a way for better ideas to fight depression and provide us with the hope to rise again.

Thus, tea is a gift from nature to transform our depression into happiness. It is the silver lining (of hope!) in the darkness that You and I are facing or might face in the time to come. Arthur Wing Pinero had quoted right:

Where there is tea, there is hope.”