Flavored Teas | Find Perfect Tea for You

Flavored Teas | Find Perfect Tea for You

Looking for flavored yet healthiest beverages? Pick flavored tea that suits your particular taste. Flavored teas are among the world’s most widely consumed teas. Years ago, tea artisan found that adding delicious flavors to tea make it an exquisite drink, Agreed? Today, tea is available in every flavor imaginable.

Why Flavored Teas?

Everyone loves tea. It is one of the healthiest brews that can help prevent disease and slow down the process of aging. For example, pomegranates are exceptionally high in anti-oxidants, so when combined with tea, you have a powerhouse drink that is very healthy.

Adding aromas to tea is a delightful way to add a new twist to different varieties of traditional teas. Whether you want mangoes, almonds, cherries or various other fruits, there is a flavored tea out there for you.

How to Prepare Flavored Teas

With different varieties of tea and flavors, almost any flavor is possible. The most popular teas for flavoring are black teas and green teas. However, flavored white and oolong teas are gaining popularity.

Firstly, the exotic and delicious flavor is sprayed over the dry leaf. Secondly, the blending of tea leaves takes place to ensure an even flow. Larger tea makers prepare flavored teas in large rotating drums filled with a massive quantity of tea. I love flavored green teas as they fully absorb the flavor. I personally am hopelessly addicted to good lemon green tea and various mint green teas.

Tea Processing and Flavoring

Flavored Black Teas

The method of processing the tea greatly affects its taste. For instance, Black tea is fermented during processing. The tea leaves undergo the fermentation process to give them a  bolder flavor. A higher concentration of the flavoring is required because the black tea itself possesses a stronger flavor. Black tea can taste warming and delicious with flavors like plum, lavender, apples, and cinnamon.

Passion Fruit Black flavored Tea

Passion Fruit Black Tea

Flavored Green Tea

Green teas are not fermented and are milder and mellower in flavor. Green tea combines well with fruity flavors like apricot, mango and lemon and also with spices like mint. One of the most popular green teas is Moroccan mint which pairs Japanese green tea with fresh and dried mint leaves. Even light florals like jasmine work well with green teas to create one of the most popular and fragrant teas you can drink.

Flavored Oolong Teas

Oolong teas are semi-fermented. This means that they are less fermented than black teas. Oolong teas pair well blackberries and cinnamon. Oolong teas have complex flavors and often have a sweet taste even before anything is added. Oolong’s natural flavor can handle stronger flavored fruits.

flavored mango oolong tea

Flavored White Teas

White teas are the newest to the Western world and are also the newest to be flavored. White tea doesn’t undergo the fermentation process.  In fact, farmers pluck white tea leaves even before the opening of the buds, while they still have fine white hairs on them. Moreover, white teas are the mildest and sweetest in flavor. They taste best with light and sweet flavorings, such as mild fruit flavors, florals, and sweet spices.

Some tea makers use low-quality tea leaves to produce flavored teas, with the belief that the flavors will hide the low quality of the tea itself. So, when you’re purchasing a flavored tea make sure your flavored tea is created from high-quality tea leaves and natural flavorings instead of artificial flavoring.

Buy high-quality teas flavored with natural fruits, florals, and spices. Buy from the best tea sellers who sell only high-quality teas. Don’t forget to buy blooming lotus mango and cherry flavored oolong teas.