Benefits of Tea for Kids

Benefits of Tea for Kids

Have you ever wondered if your little one can have tea? Can drinking tea impede your kid’s health? Want to know the health benefits of tea for kids? Kids can be demanding, there’s no doubt about that, but as a parent you all want your kids to be both happy and healthy. Well, to learn more about tea and whether it is good for kids to consider reading our post below.

It may sound odd to think of this drink for kid’s health, but the reality is that it’s a perfect fit for their needs. Certain herbal blends have been known to soothe nerves, reduce colic, aid upset stomachs, and so much more.

If your child enjoys these teas already, handing them a cup of something delicious when they are feeling down can not only improve their mood but also help heal the ailment. Catechins in green tea protect your kid from infectious germs. They may help to prevent cavities and keep the heart healthy.

Most physicians may recommend your little one drink herbal tea or green tea, instead of the true caffeinated tea. Before serving your kid tea, it is better to consult the pediatrician and get information about the right dosage. Read on to learn more.

How to Brew a Perfect Cup of Tea for Kids:

To make a cup of hot brewing tea for your little one, you need to remember a couple of things:

  • Always use tea leaves in small proportions.
  • Steep the tea for only 2-3 minutes in boiling water.
  • If tea seems strong, add more water while preparing the tea to dilute the tea.

Health Benefits of Tea for Kids:

Here are some of the curing properties of tea, for which you should consider including tea in your kid’s menu.

1. Anxiety:

When your kid faces enormous pressure at school due to studies, competition, or peer pressure, you can offer him a cup of refreshing tea. Tea helps to relieve stress and tension. Some of the best tea for treating anxiety in kids is chamomile and other herbal teas.

2. Colic:

Children at times feel pain in their abdomen. Taking small amounts of peppermint, ginger, or chamomile teas can help them to recover from this uncomfortable symptom. In some health institutions, doctors advise breastfeeding mothers to drink hot tea in order to help their children to recover from colic, through breastmilk.

peppermint tea for kids

3. Tea for Constipation Relief:

It’s normal for kids to experience constipation. Drinking a small amount of tea every day can help to relieve constipation. Use chamomile tea to prepare oatmeal for your little one. Alternatively, tea mixed with fresh orange or apple juice works best.

4. Tea to Cure Cough:

Hot tea can help to reduce the symptoms of a cough and common cold. Depending on the nature of the cough, there are various tea options that can help alleviate it. Also, your child can get relief from an acute headache as well. Your child can drink peppermint tea, which serves as a mild cough suppressant. The soothing property of methanol aids in curing persistent coughing and your kid can get restful sleep.

5. Tea for Kids during Fever:

When your kid suffers from high fever, brew a cup of hot tea to overcome chills and enhance quick perspiration. It helps shorten the intensity and duration of her fever. Some teas that are a useful incurring fever in children include peppermint, lemon balm, and chamomile. When your kid’s age lies above two years, he/she can consume the tea four times a day, during a high fever. Serve the tea hot, as far your kid can tolerate.

tea benefits for kids

6. Nausea :

Drink half a cup of ginger tea thrice a day to treat acute nausea. Those experiencing nausea as a result of vomiting a lot, stomach upset, or digestive issues can overcome this by drinking a cup of ginger tea.  Your nauseous kid often experiences severe dehydration that may further complicate her health conditions. To overcome such issues, your child needs to drink tea to keep the body hydrated.

Ginger tea also helps your kid recover the condition of motion sickness. Make your kid drink lukewarm ginger tea before or during the car trips to help overcome motion sickness. However, it’s not recommended for children under the 2 years.

7. Improves heart health

Research has shown that the plaque that builds up in blood vessels starts during childhood. Hot green tea reduces the resulting cholesterol levels thereby improving their heart health. Allowing this buildup on blood vessels raises their blood pressure thereby resulting in health complications especially as one becomes an adult.

Green tea for kids

Right Age for Your Infant to Start Drinking Tea

Small children are advised to intake herbal tea, as they are caffeine-free. Don’t give your child black tea until he/she turns 12 or 13. Children under 5 years should drink hot caffeine-free teas.

No doubt tea has numerous health benefits for kids; however, when taken in large amounts it can have negative impacts on kids. The small amounts of caffeine contained in tea can result in an addiction. It, therefore, should be restricted. Noticeably, not all teas are healthy for kids; nevertheless, there is a huge variety of teas considered safe for children. It’s best to consult your pediatrician before giving your children a tea.