Peppermint Tea-A Healthy Beverage

Peppermint Tea-A Healthy Beverage

Peppermint Tea and Easter- I don’t know how Easter is done in other countries, but for us, Romanians, it’s just another excuse to eat exaggerated amounts of food, drink enormous amounts of alcoholic beverages and staying at home for a couple of days.

Of course, eating continuously for 3 days will, for sure, lead to that nasty bloated feeling.

How do I treat it? PEPPERMINT tea!

Peppermint is one of my favorite flavors is anything really – tea, ice cream, gum, etc.

So after eating like my stomach is a bottomless pit, usually, a cup of unsweetened peppermint tea helps me get over a bloated belly.

How does it do that? It helps bowel movement – one of the reasons why it is the only thing I was allowed to drink after I had my cesarean.

You see after the baby comes out doctors don’t agree with a new mum eating anything (silly, right?!? Especially when you’ve not eaten anything for 8 hours because epidural) until she passes gas.

Now peppermint helps and a day after drinking the magic brew I was allowed plain soup – YAAAAAS!!!

Aside from bowel movement, it helps with depression, nausea, headaches and overall improve one’s mood.

My last article was about camomile tea and its benefits for babies, but peppermint is ideal for colics too – although little ones don’t like it as much because of its distinct taste.

Fresh peppermint tea is better brewed in 90 – 95 degrees hot water for 2 to 4 minutes.

This leaf has also shown miraculous effects in treating oily skin, acne and can help hair growth.

Please, don’t expect that you will go from bald to Rapunzel-like hair because it won’t happen; but if you are blessed with having a nice mane, peppermint tea helps it grow – which is awesome after a bad haircut, am I right, ladies?

My husband can back me up when I say I always wanted a vertical spice garden in my kitchen and one of the first plants I would have in it is peppermint!

Hubs, when you read this, please note that I’ll settle for some pots with fresh herbs in it, ok? Love you?

Dear people, please have faith in me when I say that I am a strong believer in the effects of peppermint.

It is an acquired taste, to be honest, that started when my grandma was forcing me to drink it and it continued with doctors that insistently recommend it.

If you do have some of this lying around and you decide to brew a pot, please drop me a message so I know my words don’t just disappear into the magical world of internet.

Night, folks!

With fresh love, Ale.