Fascinating Tea Traditions Around The World

Fascinating Tea Traditions Around The World

How to enjoy a cup of tea while traveling around the world? With a lot of rejuvenating effect and health benefits, tea has endless taste in different varieties. We cannot deny the importance of tea in social communities and public places. Read on to discover tea traditions around the world.

Since it was first cultivated in China about 5000 years ago, tea has become one of the most popular drinks around the world. After reading this blog,  you will find out exciting tea traditions around the world.

Keeping in mind the famous Turkish proverb,

“Conversation without tea is like a sky without a moon.”

It illustrates the importance of tea culture worldwide. Continuing on our tea tale, I compile the list of the most particular ways of consuming tea around the world. Here’s how to enjoy a cup of the most relaxing and versatile beverage around the world?

Tea has various categories based on the type and the manufacturing process. Here you are going to enjoy tea in different styles and flavors around the globe. Read on to find more about tea culture and traditions around the world.


1. Tea Traditions in India | Masala Chai

Talking about the traditional masala chai of India, this is probably the most famous and most recommended tea for visitors. The subcontinent has so many specialties, and masala tea is one of them. It has been cultivated in the southeast region of India, especially Assam.

How can you brew masala chai? Boil the milk (cow/buffalo) and water with loose tea leaves. This brewing process is commonly named as a decoction. Afterward, flavor it with the aromatic spice called traditional Karha.

Karha, the mixture of cloves, ginger, and peppercorns have some medicinal importance. Also, you can add fennel seeds, anise as per your preference. Indian society is full of spice and cultural values, the masala tea is one of them.

However keep in mind that in India, chai means tea, so if you want to enjoy India’s special tea, ask for masala chai. Treat yourself with India’s special Masala Chai!!!

2. Tea Tradition in England | Earl Grey Tea

Every country should have some food items to attract the attention of its visitors. As I love traveling around Europe and different countries, I like to visit those cities which also have some sightseeing places and quality food and tea.

To cherish the moments of life, you have to check the specialty of that region. Coming from Southeast Asia to Europe, the tea is considered as the beverage itself.

Among one of the best teas around the world is Earl Grey of England, English breakfast tea. It’s the black tea flavored with bergamot oil giving it a citrus taste like a lemon.

On the other hand, there are a lot of methods to prepare this brew. Some prefer milk instead of lemon while others love to serve it with lemon and sugar. British tea culture is still alive in ceremonies and hi-teas. Enjoy Earl Grey in afternoon tea parties!!!

3. Tea Tradition in Tibet | Po Cha

Coming towards the Tibetan traditional tea named Po cha, it is little different in its flavor and composition. Enriched with the salt and butter, it is a soup-like beverage served in bowls rather than in mugs. A comforting tea for cold climate!!!

How to brew Po Cha? Boil the pemagul black tea leaves and let the leaves steep for few hours. The next step is to strain the tea and add the butter yak and salts to maximize the flavor and aroma. Taiwanese people present butter tea to guests in households, and they topped it after every sip. Seriously? Yes, it’s their tradition. Also, its often considered rude not to accept their offer.

4. Tea Traditions in Argentina | Mate, More Than A Drink

While roaming around every corner of the world, you will encounter one of the most enchanting specialties of Argentina. Mate is considered more than a drink, and you can’t ignore its importance because of its popularity among people. You will see hoards of people sipping mate by a metal straw known as bombillas.

Interestingly, the soccer players of Argentina used to drink the mate before the match against France. Besides giving a delicious taste, it is well-known for its high caffeine content. It has been linked with some proven health benefits for people because it is rich in antioxidants.

 5. Tea Tradition in Taiwan | Famous Bubble Tea

If you are visiting Taiwan, don’t forget to try their special milk tea, also known as bubble tea. This iced tea has tapioca pearls that sit at the bottom of the glass.

Hold a glass of tea and enjoy the good sunny day in Taiwan. It also comes in different flavors depending upon the choice of the person. The mouth-watering ice-cold pearl milk tea is waiting for you!!!

People want to enjoy tea with new styles. Drinking tea around the world seems so unique and special in the sense that people prefer it in the meeting, during conversations, and as an essential part of ceremonies.

Have fun by experiencing different varieties of traditional tea during your visit. These are some of the prominent specialties of different countries around the globe. What’s Your Cup of Tea? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.