Five Types of Tea Drinkers Around the World

Five Types of Tea Drinkers Around the World

I love tea; you love tea. But have you ever wondered that there might be some types of tea drinkers around us that love to enjoy tea in their way? “To drink tea is to forget the noise of the world.” So, do you drink tea? What type of drink do you love to brew?

Need more tea? Oh, I love to poison myself with tea. A strong poison!!! Yes, I am not everybody’s cup of tea, but I am ok with it. Through the years of observations, I found that there are different categories of tea drinkers.

But the question here is: do tea drinkers are more creative than others? Yes, it improves creativity, and it’s the best way to start and end a day, and if I am not wrong, it can do wonders for your overall well-being. After reading this article, you will be able to observe the different types of tea drinkers around you.

So, if you are addicted to coffee, you might not understand why a person is so passionate about tea. I am not here to make a judgment. I am just inviting you to try this soothing beverage once. But if you are a regular tea drinker, this article is definitely for you. “Keep calm and be a tea lover.”

It might help people you to find the right category for you or your friend. This article will reveal interesting information about tea drinkers. Let’s explore the ways of appreciating the art of tea. It’s time to elaborate!

1. The Drinkers Seeking Health Benefits

Interestingly, there are a lot of health-conscious people. These people always seek personal health benefit in every edible item and drink. Tea is one of the healthiest options for them. They prefer to enjoy the health benefits of beverages and food items besides their taste. One cannot ignore the health benefits of tea.


drinkers seeking health benefits

Undoubtedly, these types of drinkers exist in the real world. They seek these benefits ranging from the skincare to preventing cancer. Tea is known to be rich in healthy compounds like antioxidants, flavonoids, and amino acids. Herbal teas and green tea are among the healthiest teas in the world. There are some interesting facts about green tea.

  • It is low in caffeine.
  • L-Theanine in green tea promotes the relaxing of the central nervous system.
  • It is healthy for the skin and digestive system
  • Adding green tea in the diet can reduce the risk of stroke
  • It has significant antifungal and antibacterial properties.

2. The Drinkers who want a Strong Tea

Do you fall under this category? These types of tea lovers love their tea to be strong. They brewed more tea leaves for 5-10 minutes with a little milk.  With the high concentration of caffeine, people can enjoy the real benefit of tea. If you fall under this category, it is likely to assume that you prefer the tea to have these characteristics: rusty taste and deep brown color.

3. The Pleasure Tea Drinker

A tea for every moment!!! Many of us genuinely adore the taste of tea in all varieties. You can’t start your day without that energetic morning cup of tea. The people that fall under this category always have an excuse to drink one more cup of tea.

Like my husband used to say, Oh honey, my last cup gets cold before drinking. Sometimes excuses like, it had more milk or sugar. And also I am feeling tired now, I had an exhausting day. These tea lovers maximize their pleasure with tea and some piece of snack and biscuits. The maximum tea sales attribute to this category.

4. Tea Drinkers who Love Sweet Tea

Do you love to enjoy your tea with more sugar? Do you like making noise with your spoon while mixing it? I must say that you love sugar, not tea.  I know you cannot afford to drink tea without extra spoons of sugar. But think for a while, are you enjoying tea or sugar???

types of tea drinkers

5. Tea Drinkers Who Prefer Weak Tea

Starting your day with a hot cup of tea is always amazing. Some people seek weak tea in the morning. By definition, Weak tea is the tea where more milk is used instead of tea leaves. It is also known as boiled milk tea due to its pale color. Weak tea has a low concentration of caffeine in it.

Everyone has their way to enjoy and prepare their favorite tea. Interestingly, do you want to know under which category your friends and family members lie? If yes, you can easily find out the appropriate category for your family members. They may fall under one of these.