Sharing Tea | A Special Blend of Mom and Daughter

Sharing Tea | A Special Blend of Mom and Daughter

This evening I go through an interesting question “If you could share a cup of tea with someone in the world, who would it be?” The answers about sharing tea were quite surprising. Most say they can’t even share a sip of tea with someone. Oh, how could you do that if you truly love someone?

Others say that they would love to share their cup of tea with friends, parents, or their partners. As I ponder this question, I had an entirely different reply. I would love to share my cup of tea with my little one.

Sharing Tea with the Love of My Life

Every time I am brewing tea, she came across me, and keep asking mom are you brewing tea….mom are you brewing tea. Seriously I love these words and her innocence and her sweet voice. I love my princess.

However, sometimes if she were sleeping and I brew a cup of tea for me…mostly she woke up, so I have to share a cup of my morning tea with her. In the evening, I often set the table for tea with snacks and cookies. She also loves to dip cookies in tea. (I used to eat the cookies in the same way in my childhood).

sharing tea

Its All About Love, Tea, and Happiness

Also, she always made me feel special. For the previous two years, it’s part of my daily routine. Preparing my favorite tea and then enjoying the company of my princess. It’s the best time I spent with her.  Yes, it’s also a new stage of my life. Growing kids, working, or just relaxing by having a cup of tea and a little friend. I Love it!

It’s not just about sharing a cup – it is much more than that. It’s a common saying that we need no big things to enjoy with our friends. Having tea is one of those. When bored with the regular stuff, to have a hangout with tea is always a good idea.

Tea is a beautiful experience. You know what experiences are meant to be shared, just as I’m sharing this writing with you. Tea is a lovely bonding experience, meant both to be shared and enjoyed alone.

Tea gives you a break. Moreover, you can open your heart to the loved ones by sharing tea moments that makes everything so much better. So, if you feel like drinking cup of tea, brew it. Never think – ‘too much tea is harmful’ or ‘it is just a cup.’

In short, drink in the blooming experience and, better yet, enjoy it with someone special. Find someone who doesn’t know about different varieties of teas and explore it together. Enjoy Tea Moments!!!

Let’s share a cup of blooming lotus tea with someone special! Cheers! Wondering what would be your answer???