Evening Tea and All-Time Favorite Snack

Evening Tea and All-Time Favorite Snack

With so many snacks to try, we all need an excuse to snack between meals. Well, many European countries build snacking right into their cooking culture. In some places, it’s a light snack like potato fries with evening tea, in others, a sweet and savory mid-afternoon pick-me-up.


Get ready for a fantastic snack experience!!! A lip-smacking treat for you, kids at home and even for your friends. Yes, its potato fries with a delicious cup of blooming lotus tea. Sounds pretty good.

I love my cup of ice tea with potato fries loaded with cheese or any other toppings. But you can serve it with a little sprinkling of salt. It tastes awesome.


Delicious Evening Treat

These delightful potato treats are ideal for long journeys and are simply delicious. These crispy chips, made from fresh potatoes fried in hot oil, can be eaten hot or cold and are readily available in the market. Hungry? Then let’s go.

Imagine yourself at a café in the waning hours of the afternoon, and you want a little snack to go with your cup of tea. What do you order? I definitely will order pizza fries with a cup of black tea. There are dozens of ways to enjoy potato fries with tea.

evening tea and fried potato

It can happen at any time of day (but it often occurs in the afternoon), but you can also enjoy it multiple times in a day. Besides, you can take fries at work breaks or with friends.

Potato Fries and Evening Tea

Potato fries is an all-time snack to accompany a soothing cup of tea. Excellent addition to evening tea!!! It’s also a complimentary snack for enjoying movie time with family.

evening milk tea

If lunch and dinner feel too far apart, go to your kitchen and prepare French fries and a cup of your favorite tea. It’s also an excellent appetizer for afternoon tea. You can make any moment extra special by having a cup of tea.

evening tea and fries

Did you know you can also use green tea as seasoning of potato chips? Looks weird? I have tried green tea flavored chips a few days backs brought by my friend from Japan. Trust me; I fall in love with the deliciousness and aroma of green tea flavored chips. So, I ate the whole packet by myself. Enjoy the green tea potato chips!

You can also have potato fries to make salads. You can also use it your way. For instance, with fried fish, roasted chicken, or solely with a cup of tea. What’s your favorite snack with evening tea, for movie and during traveling? Share your weird tea habits with us!!!