Flavored Green Tea | Sipping perfection!

Flavored Green Tea | Sipping perfection!

Flavored tea lovers raise your hands! You know, one of the most valued and startling characteristics of tea is the dizzying range of natural flavors and aromas. However, if you are new to flavored teas, first try flavored green tea instead.  By taking flavored green tea one can enjoy their cup of tea with awesome taste.

Flavored teas are believed to have originated in China, the homeland of all tea drinking. The two most common types of teas that have additional flavorings added to them are black tea and green tea. There is nothing unnatural about adding the natural flavors to teas.

Green teas do not have the “strong” taste but more antioxidants as compared to black tea. So it fully reflects the flavors infused into it. Like, I find flavored green teas taste more delicious with the flavors that have been added to them.

Different Flavored Green Teas

Are you thinking of giving up sugary beverages and soda? Or cutting back on coffee? Try green tea-the healthiest refreshing beverage!!! You can find different flavors of green tea in the market like ginger, lemon, and chamomile. Each flavor offers unique health benefits. Let’s have a look at different flavored green teas.

Mint Green Tea

It is a refreshing beverage that helps to burns the calories. It also soothes the mind and reduces stress and fatigue. As Green tea enhances the metabolism, the mint rejuvenates the system. The refreshing flavor and aroma are the perfect kick-starter of the day. The brew is rich in antioxidant that can improve your uplift mood and helps in digestion too.

flavored mint tea

Lemon Green Tea

The rejuvenating green tea infused with a soothing mix of honey and lemon flavors provides an energy kick like none other. Loaded with antioxidants and phytonutrients, green tea can be your companion in battling several health woes. This flavored green tea is loaded with vitamin c which helps you to stay fresh and active. Lemon green tea is refreshing and helps in weight loss.

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea is a fresh and soothing mixture which has a delicate flavor and alluring aroma that immediately calming and stress relieving de-stresses the drinker. The antioxidants in tea can effectively fight free radical activity. It can also help in curing arthritis, regulating blood pressure and relieving stress.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Infusion aid in menstrual cramps, sore stomach, sleep problems, muscle twitches, colds as well as anxiety and stress. Green tea flavored with delicate chamomile flowers infused in hot water makes this tea one of the most favorite picks amongst green tea lovers. Chamomile tea helps to relieve stress. Its soothing effect with mildly sedative properties has also known to act as a good sleep inducer.

Ginger Tea

It is full of anti-oxidant and helps in digestion and also enhances the body’s metabolism. This ginger flavored green tea gives relief from the common cold and also helps to cure sore throats.

flavored ginger green tea

So go pick up your teapots, strainers, glass cups and brew a soothing cup of flavored green tea for yourself or someone special.