Top Green Tea Face Masks for Different Skin Types

Top Green Tea Face Masks for Different Skin Types

I am a great fan of tea and I love using natural ingredients to create reasonable homemade face packs and scrubs. So, which are the best green tea face masks to get clear, radiant and glowing skin? Read on to find out!

Tea is like a bad habit, you may want to leave, but you can’t, because it’s healthier. A healthy bad habit, strange but true. Here’s yet one more reason to love it: it’s good for your skin health. It seems tea can do no wrong!

Benefits of Green Tea for Skin

Green Tea is the best cleanser for your face. Green tea may be bitter to taste, but is sweet to skin. Moreover, green tea is packed with anti-oxidants that help to guard against free radicals in your body.

Skin damage is inevitable. However, preventing skin damage and aging isn’t as complicated as beauty companies make it out to be. You do not need fancy products or special serums to help delay damage and aging.

Get healthy and radiant skin by following a simple skincare routine to ensure that your skin remains damage-free. And, as most of us already know, green tea is an abundant source of antioxidants that help to guard against damage-causing free radicals in your skin and body.

  • The antioxidants and tannins also help reduce puffiness and dark circles.
  • Healthy functioning of your skin cells prevents aging signs such as age spots, fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles.
  • Catechins present in green tea have antibacterial properties that help reduce acne and prevent breakouts.
  • It draws out impurities from your pores, toning your skin and minimizing pore size.
  • It can restore the natural beauty of your skin by improving your skin tone, leaving you with a glowing complexion.

Green Tea Face Treatment

1. Face Mask for Glowing Skin

The best treatment for spots and blackheads! A perfect mask to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, therefore, reduces the signs of aging.

perfect face mask

For awesome results

For a prettier skin, moisten the green tea leaves and make a uniform paste by adding honey. Apply this antioxidant mask all over your face for about 20 minutes. Rinse it off with Luke warm water. This mask is perfect for healthy and fresh skin.

2. Best Mask for Oily Skin

A perfect treatment for dark spots and pigmentation!  Its exfoliating ability helps to absorb extra oil from the face. It imparts a radiant glow to your skin and makes it fresh and healthy.

green tea face mask for glow

For extraordinary results

For a fresh look, make a smooth paste by adding 3 tablespoons of cool green tea with 3-4 tablespoons of rice flour.  Then add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to it. Apply the mask over dry face for about 20 minutes. Rinse it off with cool water by rubbing the pack to exfoliate your skin. Apply your favorite moisturizer.

3. Mask for Dry to Normal Skin

A lovely mask to remove dead skin cells! It works as an exfoliating agent to remove dirt from the face. Moreover, it imparts a wonderful glow to your face and makes it smooth and shiny. It can also moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated.

cream face masks

For blooming results

For soft baby skin, mix 1 teaspoon of cream, 1 teaspoon of sugar 1-2 spoons of cool green tea. Slowly scrub the mask in small circular motions to get the best results.  Let it sit there for 15 minutes, and then rinse it off with warm water.

4. Glowing Mask for Sensitive Skin

A gentle mask to treat acne and skin irritation! It helps to keep skin hydrated and can also be used for deep cleansing of the face. It also improves your skin texture and gives the face a glowing complexion.

green tea face masks for fresh skin

For finest results

Make a smooth paste by adding 1 teaspoon of yogurt, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1-2 teaspoons of cool green tea. Then, apply the mask over your face for about 15-20 minutes. Finally, rinse it off with cool water.

5. Green Tea Face Mask for Dry and Damaged Skin

The best green tea face masks to refresh the skin and restore moisture! It helps to fade blemishes and exfoliates your face.

green tea face masks

For best results

To get a blooming look, Firstly, mix 1 teaspoon of mashed banana and 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt or curd. Secondly, add 1-2 teaspoons of green tea solution to the mixture to make a uniform smooth paste. Thirdly, apply the mask over your face for about 15-20 minutes. Finally, rinse it off with cool water.

Note: You can also use any seasonal fresh fruit like peach or papaya.

The antioxidants and nutrients in tea are good for both internal and external health. After all, when you’re healthy on the inside, you will definitely have a natural glow on to your face. That’s why plenty of the best skin care products available in the market contain tea as an ingredient.

Above all enjoy healthy and blooming skin by applying these amazing green tea packs. I hope you will definitely try green tea face masks to get glowing skin. Share your experience with us!!!