How to throw a fancy kid’s tea party? Planning a children’s tea party is a fun way to introduce your children to the custom and tradition of drinking tea and celebrating a special occasion along with it.

To make this experience memorable for your child, you can plan a themed tea party and decorate your space with flowers or balloons, serve tea with kid’s favorite snacks, and playing exciting games.

Build lasting memories with your kids with a simple yet elegant children’s tea party! Very simple to throw together but builds lasting memories. Follow our simple ideas.

Tips on Throwing childrens tea party

Ideas for Children’s Tea Party

Set a Theme

Plan something creative and fun that will be interesting for the age group you’re planning a party for. For young girls, a Barbie theme or fairy theme might appeal to them. However, for elder children, you could throw a more sophisticated and classy tea party.


Invitations are so important and can be forgotten easily. One of the most fun characteristics of throwing a tea party is memorizing all old-fashioned traditions. Try to send invitations a month before the party date.

You can send invitations online or send cards to their home address, but this includes other details such as the purpose of the party, the date and time, venue, and additional important information as well.

Dress-up options

Buy colorful costume pieces that the children can wear during the party, like feather boas, flower tiaras, fancy glittery gloves, hats, or fairy wings. You can stick to the theme or be colorful with it. You can buy jewelry or decorate the table with them or place a box near the door and ask each child to pick one as they arrive.

Decorating The Place

Decorate the room and table with balloons, fairy lights, or with colorful ribbons. Put a beautiful tablecloth on the table you’ll be using to serve the tea. If it’s a fairy tale party, decorate your space according to it.

Place extra flower pots around the room and put flowers in them for a garden-themed party. However, during fresh spring or summers, host your kid’s tea party out in the garden to make your party even more memorable.

garden themed children's tea party

Set up the Table for Children’s Tea Party

Set up the table and chairs in your garden area if you don’t have enough space in your kitchen or dining room. You may need to combine a couple of tables to make a large table if it’s a large group of kids.

Tea Serving and Snacks

If you are throwing a children’s tea party in summers, then serve flavored teas and iced tea to guests. Bake or buy cupcakes and cookies to entertain kids. Also, make yummy sandwiches a few hours earlier for your guests.

Wondering what teas are healthy for kids? Well, to learn more about tea and whether it is healthy for kids to consider, click here.

children's tea party

However, keep in mind every kid might not love tea. So there must be some few other beverages like lemonade or fresh juices as the backup. Allow your kids to serve tea and snacks to guests at home.

Plan Healthy Activities for Kid’s Tea Party

Pick exciting games for kids as you know it’s hard for kids to sit still at a place for a long time. No doubt, they get bored soon. So, let them do healthy activities, like playing musical chairs,  or playing outdoor games if the weather is beautiful.

Have you ever throw a kid’s tea party at home? Which was the last children’s tea party you celebrated? What creativity do you bring to your parties? Share your wonderful tea party experiences with us.