How To Host a Bachelorette Tea Party

How To Host a Bachelorette Tea Party

Having a fantastic bachelorette party that you enjoy is more important than following a traditional plan. Let’s throw a non-traditional bachelorette tea party to a special friend. So are you ready?

My friend got married last week. I planned a pleasant surprise for her. Yes, I throw a bachelorette tea party for her before the wedding day. I love planning parties. For me, it’s often the part I enjoy most! I wore a stylish red skirt to create a look that’s classy, chic, and perfect.

I love the stylish red/black dress for an afternoon tea bachelorette party! Listen, I am not setting a dress code. I don’t like to limit people’s creativity and options! Wear a dress of your own choice. How to organize a party is totally up to you and the bride?

How to Organize a Bachelorette Tea Party

While deciding the location, I made all the arrangements at the beautiful garden of my house. I decorated the whole area with balloons, flower buds, and floral rings. Oh, I forgot to tell you about a unique spot specified for guest. Guess what it would be? The party table, with vintage tea sets, home-baked cupcakes, finger sandwiches, and much more.

When it comes to party décor, there are endless options to personalize a bachelorette tea party. And, of course, don’t forget our signature blooming teas! Here is a great idea. Customize your party with a beautiful view of the blooming of flowering tea.

Place hot water in a teapot and blooming tea in a beautiful glass jar. Allow the guests to brew tea for themselves and enjoy.

Also, ask the bride to be about her favorite tea or surprise her by giving blooming teas as a gift. To please your guest and make the event memorable, by giving gifts. Setting a great atmosphere and a sophisticated tone for your event is the essential step to make your event successful and memorable.

In short, a tea party is a fun and elegant way to surprise a bride to be. So relax and sip some blooming lotus tea for a fabulous bachelorette party! If you have any great ideas on how else to throw a tea party, let us know!