Best Tea Party Ideas-How to Host A Party

Best Tea Party Ideas-How to Host A Party

How to Throw the Best Tea Party Ever? Planning a tea party menu may seem daunting at first, but it’s fairly simple. Moreover, what could be better than enjoying tea treats in the comfort of your own home?

So have you already build up your friends list, fired off your invitations, and picked out your favorite dress? Great! Now the real fun can begin!

You’ll love these exclusive tea party ideas—all of which will ensure your chillaxed tea party is a stress-free gathering not soon to be forgotten. Stay with us to get inspired!

Chillaxed Tea Party

The Tea

Try to select high-quality delicious teas for your party. With so much of a focus on the foods in the tea party, don’t overlook the choice of tea. I highly recommend selecting from the list of top teas for the tea party. Try to select blooming teas for a magical tea experience.

Stunning Collection of Teas

Further, include at least one “herbal tea” (caffeine-free tisane), in case some guests are sensitive to caffeine. In short, try to provide different varieties of tea.

Setting Up a Brew-Your-Own Tea Table

Want to add more artistic and modern vibe? Firstly, display a variety of fresh herbs, blooming teas, black teas and peppermint teas in glass jars, along with some spoons. Secondly, label each one so guests can select their favorite tea. ThirdlyPlace a kettle of hot water and some infusers so your guests can brew their favorite picks.

Pick Your Favorite!!!

Milk and Condiments

Place milk, sugar, honey, and lemon as optional additives to add a twist to the flavor. Therefore, depending on the tea types on your menu, your guests might want to add milk, sugar, and lemon or only one or two additives.

The Tasty Bites for A Wonderful Tea Party

Add delicious bites to your menu like small finger sandwiches, scones with toppings, and a variety of other desserts. Let’s get real; here are some of our go-to goodies!

Mini scones & Toppings

Scones are one of the most appealing foods for tea party menus. The great buttery, flaky taste scones can be sweet or savory, and complex or plain. It’s a tea party and people will be definitely looking for the scones! That’s why pair your scones with lovely toppings like clotted cream or lemon curd.

scones and tea

Delicious Orange Scones

Cupcakes & Sweets

Nothing looks more beautiful on a tea table than a colorful plate of cupcakes and fruit tarts. For instance, I am a fan of chocolate/cream covered strawberries or any seasonal fruits because they’re deceptively healthy. Seriously, your guests will never know they’re eating a low-cal sweet. Your guest will definitely love that!

Wonderful treat

Colorful Cupcakes

Homemade cookies

Nothing goes better with a cup of tea or coffee than a homemade cookie. Prepare some butter and chocolate chip cookies to make your guest’s taste buds totally happy. Awesome idea, isn’t it? Also, to make your tea party extra special, use a cookie cutter to make beautiful shapes like stars, circles, and hearts. (aww, lovely!)

Lovely Cookies for a tea party

Delicious Cookies

Fruit Platter

It’s always a nice idea to set out a plate of fruit for your more health-conscious guests. A mix of grapes, pineapple, and strawberries is always a winner. Dip some of the berries in melted chocolate and sprinkle them with nuts as a dressing. After they’ve hardened in the fridge, the resulting bite is one that’s both sweet and crunchy; something everyone is sure to love.

fruits for tea party

What a Beautiful Platter!!!

Finger Sandwiches

Classic Tea sandwiches include egg salad, tea sandwiches, cucumber tea sandwiches, smoked salmon finger sandwiches, shrimp sandwiches; roast beef finger sandwiches, ham finger sandwiches, and chicken salad finger sandwiches. (Also work well for kids’ tea parties.)

They’re one of the few tea party dishes that are rich in flavor and can also provide some protein, fiber. The good news is that making little sandwiches only requires a little bit of time and effort.

sandwiches and tea party

It’s Finger-Lickin’ Good

Decor and Serve ware

Every tea-party event must have a wonderful décor !!! In short, tea parties are all about the decor and serve ware. Think about it: Have you ever been to a tea party without eye-catching china and colorful centerpieces?

Tea Sets

Head to a local antique shop and pick up a mix of teapots, teacups, and saucers on the cheap or use your classy china or ceramic tea set. Most importantly, being too matchy-matchy isn’t as interesting. In terms of how you want to set your table, you can go one of two ways: Firstly, place a setting at each chair. Secondly, keep things casual and set out stacks of cups and plates like a buffet style.

Lovely Ceramic Tea Set

Tablecloth & Centerpieces

Depending on the theme you or your guest like, either set your table with a nice tablecloth or runner. Keep things usual if you have a charming wooden table. For a more minimalist look, fill antique-style teapots, mason jars or large biscuit or tea tins with flowers.

Awesome Centerpiece


Place butter knives to spread toppings like jam or butter with it. Also, don’t forget about stirring spoons, cake cutters, and other serving utensils. Those will come in handy, too.

Fine Cutlery Set

How to Throw an Extra Special Tea Party?

Guest book

No matter the theme of your affair, a guest book is always a nice moment. In other words, it makes your guests feel like you’re truly excited and honored to be entertaining them in your home.

Play some games

Set up tables with games like checkers, scrabble, or a puzzle so guests can indulge their playful part of their brain while sipping their tea and catching up on the latest gossip, too.

Fun Time

Give a party gift

Above all, for any party, I always think it’s important to leave a lasting impression. So, I always prefer to give valuable gifts to my guests. Like small individual tins of tea, a take-home teacup, or a unique accessory like a tea bag holder.

A Special Gift

Either way, these tips for planning your tea party menu are sure to help you find the perfect combination of food and drink for your next tea party.  Have you thrown your own tea party? Share your tea party menu with us!!!