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Ever since I was 3, my grandmother treated every illness I had with tea. Needless to say, I did not always like being woken up in the middle of the night for my “night-time cup”, but I always enjoyed the liquid happiness granny brought to me.

Growing up inside a family of tea lovers, my dream was that one day I can share the benefits of leaves with the world; 26 years later, alongside my husband, I have the opportunity to do so.

Thank you for joining us in our mission and we hope we won’t disappoint!


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Tea ceremony is a special event, where every detail is impeccable and in its place. Perfection - this is what your tea brings to every tea ceremony. Always.

Alicia Mann, NY

A lovely selection of natural tea for every taste and preference. Fast delivery and creative packaging always makes my day a tad brighter. Thank you very much!

Kira Stanley, MD

It's always a pleasure to deal with professionals who understand the concept of this niche and treat their customers as they should. I appreciate your assistance.

Michael Moore, CA