Blooming Lotus Tea and an Amazing Movie Night

Blooming Lotus Tea and an Amazing Movie Night

Summer is almost here. Have you ever met a person who isn’t excited for summer? I don’t think so.  I mean who doesn’t enjoy it? Movie nights, blooming lotus tea, endless fun, excitement and a perfect time for outdoor activities, am I right?

blooming lotus teas and summer

I just love summer and everything that it brings with it. As summer is approaching fast, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find a way to fit one more movie-night or summer blockbuster in before you return to cooler weather.

Moreover, a dreamy night with the family can be one of life’s simple pleasures if you do a little prep to make it an occasion, like laying a picnic blanket out for the kids.

Family Movie Night is one of my favorite ways to spend time with my hubby after a frenzied week. Curling up on the couch together to watch a fun flick is an easy way to relax and stay connected.

wonderful movie night and popcorn

We (me and hubby) love watching the movie every weekend. Firstly, on a Friday or Saturday night, we make snacks and tea together and then “picnic” in our home theatre while we watch a movie.

blooming lotus teas and movie

A Happy Blooming Lotus Weekend

This weekend was awesome!! Last night we enjoy “The Green Book” (An Oscar-Winning) – a movie about friendship and racism. Entertainment and tasty treats, what a blooming combo!!

So, whether you’re staying home with friends and family (or solo) or going to the theatres, you can enjoy a cup of tea with whatever film you decide to watch. However, check out these easy and creative ideas that will make your next family movie night a huge success.

Close the curtains, kick back on the sofa, press ‘play’ and get stuck into buckets of popcorn, homemade slushies, and the most amazing nachos. Sounds amazing!! They’ll definitely steal the show. Who needs the cinema now?

blooming teas and nachos


No doubt, nachos are always a popular movie snack. But still, it’s not a movie night unless the smell of fresh popcorns is in the air.


popcorn and blooming movie night

We hope that you will be enjoying lots of blooming teas this summer and that you continue to do so as we start to transition into fall! Enjoy your weekends watching late-night movies and spending time with friends and family.

Let’s brew blooming lotus tea for a perfect movie night. Don’t forget to mention what teas you’ve been drinking at movies nights this summer on our social media!