Bachelor’s Tea Party | Celebrating Joy of Love

Bachelor’s Tea Party | Celebrating Joy of Love

It’s that time of year again – the wedding season is here!  Nothing expresses love quite as tea does. Either throwing a bachelor’s tea party before the wedding day, or gifting blooming lotus tea as a wedding favor, there are various ways of celebrating the joy of love with tea.

Bachelor’s Tea Party

Marriage is a bonding between a man and a woman and is the cornerstone of society. Everyone loves a fancy tea party! Throwing a tea party before the wedding day as a part of the celebration is sure to add a touch of classiness, happiness, and style.

Incorporating Tea into Wedding Celebrations

Having a decorative tea table for tea lovers during the wedding is a lovely addition to a memorable event. Agreed? But how to incorporate tea into a wedding celebration? Here is an Idea. Read on to make your big day extra special.

Bachelor’s Tea Party Decor

First, ask the bride’s mother to add tea leaves into the infuser and place it into the teapot. Then, the groom’s mother will pour steaming water over the tea into the teapot. Allow the steeping for a few minutes.

When the tea is ready, the bride’s mother will present the tea to the groom. Next, the groom’s mother will pour the hot tea for the bride. Finally, the bride and groom will take a moment to sip and enjoy the tea together quietly. Excellent idea, Isn’t it?

Throwing a Bachelor’s Tea party | Enjoying the last “Free Moments.”

It’s coming to that time of the year again when spring flowers are in full bloom, which means one thing only; Weddings and Tea parties! A tea party doesn’t only mean a cup of tea, but it sounds like super fun and blissful refreshment. Doesn’t it? So here’s how to throw a worthy bachelor’s tea party for a special friend.

Let’s Have Tea with Groom to be

Since its wedding week from today, so I planned to throw a surprising tea party for my friend “Trekkah” and his bride to be “Gina.” I must share fabulous afternoon tea party celebrations for their recent wedding going to be held at Sherwood Forest in the UK.  A royal forest in England, famous for its historical association with the legendary outlaw Robin Hood.!!!

Bunting, bunting, and more bunting! We decorated the garden with posies of romantic flowers and pastel colors. Cute rustic signs and vintage teacups, it’s safe to say we are a little bit obsessed! Timeless romance and vintage-inspired luxury, there were so many details to love.

Bachelor’s Party Decor

We decorated the table with beautiful roses, and a variety of scones, cupcakes, and finger sandwiches to entertain the guests. The short tea ceremony was full of fun and excitement. A gesture of love from blooming lotus family, to tell “Trekkah” that he is the loveliest friend of ours.

Bachelor’s Tea Party Menu

An Adorable Way to Propose Future Brides

Tea is also an adorable present to propose future brides as well. The best example is to present a nicely boxed teacup, with a flowering tea bag inside and a love note that says, “You’re my cup of tea! Will you marry me?” No one could refuse such a romantic proposal!

Throwing Bachelor’s Tea Party

As it has been rightly said

A cup of tea solves everything

Above all, I love today’s elegant garden affair! No matter how you incorporate tea into your wedding events, it will bring an element of love and romance to the special day. With careful thought and time management, your celebration can be just as memorable.

Tea makes everything better

The most memorable part of the day was the excitement of our guests during the celebration. They were all enjoying their favorite teas, involved in the conversation, and laughing. Everyone was full of love. No doubt, this was a bachelor’s tea party with originality, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.