And So It Begins…

And So It Begins…


Ale at the deck today.

I kept thinking about what my first post should be. Quick search on Google for inspiration and I found what “blog” stands for (well, one of the meanings) – Big Load Of Gossip so here it goes!

My adventure with tea started in my early years. I remember being in kindergarten and hating nap time. I begged my granny to come fetch me before it happens, but she used to come and exchange opinions with my teacher about that’s right – TEA!

My teacher was an old lady who truly professed the benefits of herbs. She believed, like many others, that we are what we eat and drink.

Mrs Doe (can’t remember her name exactly) had a great influence on my granny, hence why my childhood drink was tea – none of that Sunny d’ and coke; just tea.

Camomile for when I was hyperactive, mint for when my belly ached. Ginger for when I had a cold and of course, green tea for those poopless days. It all went down a treat.

As I grew, I questioned my granny’s teas healing abilities so I started to do some independent research.

I remember being in awe as I was reading through countless articles about why and how tea helps with various discomforts.

For many years following, reading about tea was my only way of traveling and getting to know different cultures in depth.

I was personally impressed with the Japanese tea culture – they make it look so sacred and respect it so much that it is impossible not to fall in love with the leaves.

I am not going to bore you further, as this is just a short short introduction about the beginning of my rendezvous with tea; however, I am inviting you to keep reading my blog where I will share with you my personal experiences with the beverage and how it has influenced me along the way.

I hope I have captured enough of your interest in order to see you tomorrow!

I can only promise that my posts will be qualitea.

Unteal next time!