Afternoon Tea-Assam Black Tea

Afternoon Tea-Assam Black Tea

Although tea initially originated in China, it is a big part of English culture. Afternoon Tea became a tradition in England in 1840 when Anna, the Duchess of Bedford decided not to wait until dinner time (around 8 pm it is said) and ordered servants to bring to her room a tray with tea, bread, butter, and cake – you know, to keep her going.

This tradition still continues in English households. It brings the whole family together for some nice bites to eat and a delicious cup of tea.

Although nowadays afternoon tea’s cup of tea (pun intended) is more than likely to be Earl Grey, my personal favorite is Assam Black Tea.

This strain originates in India, in the mountainous region of Assam. I like it creamy with a dash of sugar.

It’s very distinct taste reminds me of raisins – which I love.

I’m very Romanian so when my very British friend, Natalie, said we’re coming to yours for tea tonight I gathered all the herbs in my pantry and prepared different cups of tea – for all tastes (she comes with 3 kids, a boyfriend, and a son in law – big family).

Little did I know I had to run down to the pastry shop and get delicious delicious cakes and make egg sandwiches – very British.

Oh well, I went along with it and educated myself in this highly “posh” (for me at that time) tradition that is Afternoon tea – also known as High Tea or Low Tea.

Call it as you wish, it is the perfect excuse to enjoy your favorite strain of tea, accompanied by a variety of delicious cakes and no one telling you it’s gonna go straight to your hips!

That being said, I’m off to the pastry shop!

Until next time!

With flavourful love, Ale.