Brewing a Perfect Cup of Tea

Brewing a Perfect Cup of Tea

Brewing is an art of making a soothing cup of tea. Wanna know tricks and tips to brew tea? Brewing a perfect cup of tea requires carefully steeping loose tea leaves or tea bags in fresh water that’s heated correctly.

An Art of tea making
Brewing is an Art

Basic Brewing Procedure

Firstly, boil the filtered water.  A cup of tea is majorly composed of 99% water hence good water serves as an important factor.

Secondly, carefully steep tea which is the most important step and if improperly steeped it could lead to bitterness.

Lastly, serve hot and enjoy the tea with or without the addition of other flavors.

Tea is not hard to brew. However, it’s quite easy to brew. In fact, brewing tea is simple once you make them a few times.

Blooming tea, Black tea brew
Let’s Brew a Nice Cup of Tea

Furthermore, there are some important tricks to brew a nice cup of tea.  Let’s move on to brew a perfect cup of tea.

Brewing Steps for Various Varieties of Tea

So, are you looking for classy and graceful ways to brew a nice cup of tea? Let’s start brewing a perfect cup of tea.

Brewing a Healthy Cup of Black Tea

Have you finished your day full of activity? Want to relax after a long exhausting day? Then, we have the perfect solution for you.

Brewing black tea is the best thing you can do for yourself today. Honestly speaking, there’s no better way to restore energy than getting a healthy beverage like tea.

Best Way to Prepare Black Tea

Take a teapot to boil water. After placing the loose leaves or the tea bag in a cup, pour the hot water over it. The crucial step in this process is steeping which takes 3-5 minutes. However, tea leaves take less time as compared to tea bags. Serve the tea while hot and enjoy. However, adding lemon, honey, sugar or milk to tea is optional.

Brewing a Soothing Cup of Green Tea

Looking for natural weight loss beverage? If yes, then green tea might be the right choice for you. Similarly, if you are looking for a tea that fights against wrinkles too, meet Green Tea.

Brewing anti aging tea
Weight Loss Beverage

Right Way to Brew Green Tea 

Above all, brewing green tea also needs extra care, as rolling boil water is bad for healthy catechins in it. Place a full leaf or a tea bag in the cup or the teapot. Boil water but let it rest for about 5-10 minutes. Pour hot water over it and brew for about one to two minute before serving. Serve hot and add a twist of sweetener or milk if you like it.

Brewing A Nice Cup of Oolong Tea

Nothing can substitute a soothing cup of Oolong Tea. There are different ways to brew Oolong tea depending on the kind of tea you pick.

Oolong tea is a great beverage that keeps you alert and fit throughout your life.

Brewing healthy beverage
A Soothing Cup of Oolong Tea

Best Way to Make Oolong Tea

Heat the filtered water. Avoid using rolling boil water. After rinsing loose leaves (no need if you are using tea bags), place a loose leaf of tea into the teapot. Pour in hot water and steep it carefully for 3-5 minutes. Serve and enjoy the tea while hot. If you would like to try oolong tea, you can buy it here.

Brewing a Perfect Cup of Blooming Tea

Do you love to watch blooming flower teas opening up? What an eye-catching masterpiece? Isn’t it? Haven’t seen this before?

After seeing this, I am sure most of the tea lovers will decide to buy blooming tea balls to steep and enjoy the mesmerizing view.

Brewing Flowering Tea
What a Mesmerizing View

But how do you steep a tea flower? And what teaware should you use? All you need is a blooming tea ball, a glass teapot and a few cups of water.

Perfect Way to Prepare Blooming Tea

Place the flowering tea in a glass teapot. Boil filtered water in a separate teapot. Then pour the hot water into the teapot containing the tea ball and wait for 4-6 minutes as the ball loosens into a flower-like blossom. Steep it for at least 4 minutes. Serve hot and add sweetener as per your choice. Add honey to give a twist to the flavor.

Let us know if you have any other way to brew tea. Also, don’t forget to pick one from our blooming lotus tea collection. Happy Tea Making to You!!!