Best Tea for Fast Weight Loss-Green Tea

Best Tea for Fast Weight Loss-Green Tea

What do you need to kick-start your day? A magical cup of Green Tea!!!! The best tea for weight loss. It sounds awesome. Lucky for me, last week I received a beautiful green tea gift from an Asian friend and am simply in love with it. A fairly pleasant way of letting you know that it’s time to get up! Happy Blooming Day!!

green tea is a healthy beverage

It’s Time to Get up!!!!

How was your week? Ok, so you’ve had an awful tea experience. The question is: “Now what?” Are you going to throw your tea in the garbage??? In particular, poor preparation is the most common cause of tea that fails to please.

Often times, when people taste unpleasant tea, they blame the quality of the raw material or poor storage. Then they give up on the tea. Yet, even seemingly bad tea experience can turn into a treasure if you deal with it the right way. Wait, is that possible?

Most teas require the use of water that has been heated to boiling only once. Because, if the water boils more than once the tea develops a flat taste due to decreased oxygen levels.

We often heard people talking about the benefits of green tea for losing weight. Does it really work? Here, you are going to explore a lot of tea related stuff at blooming blog. As it’s all about tea!!!! It’s all about our tea journey.

The good news is that there is a less strenuous substitute to work out and dieting i.e. green tea. In fact, it contains powerful antioxidants that help to minimize risks such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

it reduces chances of severe disease

Best Morning Tea

Best Home Remedy for Fast Weight Loss

Green tea has been recognized for its health benefits, including break down of excess fat. In short, extra fat is like a friend who came to stopover for a few days and now doesn’t show signs of leaving.

Believe it or not, a cup or two of green tea every morning is great for weight loss as it boosts the rate of metabolism. It also helps in burning calories hence providing energy to the body. Good, right?

As a Tea Lover, it’s my pleasure to share Best Tea Selection EverThe Blooming Lotus Teas and also tips and tricks for those pursuing optimal health.

Key Benefits of Green Tea

best tea for fast weight loss

A Beverage for Health Conscious People

Our Passion for Quality

At Blooming Lotus, we believe brewing tea should be as delightful as drinking it. Like our hand-tied flowering teas blossom before your eyes and taste exquisite. So, Let’s enjoy an unmatched selection of tea varieties and flavors.

Hopefully, you can find something here that works for you and let me know if there are things you would like to share or would like to find out more of.
Find out more on the blooming tea health benefits and make the best out of your experience.