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The flare to start The Blooming Lotus was triggered in 2015 when our mutual friends, Ben and Gina, had returned from a trip in asia and brought with them some Blooming Teas. We loved the taste and art of those tea buds and knew we had to do something about it. So we set off to Asia in 2016 in search of the perfect plantations to take care of our need to show Europe; “Hey, look what you are missing.” After three years of research and development, we now have four of our very own tea plantations in China and through The Blooming Lotus, Can now share this joy with the world”

– Join our journey, with love

Ricardo and Alexandra

At The End Of The Day, What Do Our Clients Say?

Tea ceremony is a special event, where every detail is impeccable and in its place. Perfection - this is what your tea brings to every tea ceremony. Always.

Alicia Mann, NY

A lovely selection of natural tea for every taste and preference. Fast delivery and creative packaging always makes my day a tad brighter. Thank you very much!

Kira Stanley, MD

It's always a pleasure to deal with professionals who understand the concept of this niche and treat their customers as they should. I appreciate your assistance.

Michael Moore, CA